Updating pc bios

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Updating pc bios

Notice that upgrading your BIOS through flashing is quite easy to do, but you'll have to consider the potential danger of this operation.

Therefore, you have to proceed with this operation very carefully, strictly following the instructions provided by the motherboard manufacturer.

For instance, it is recommended to update your BIOS if you are using Pentium III processors, because most motherboards are intended for use with a Pentium II processor.

As a rule, you'll also find their BIOS updating utilities along with documentation describing the new capabilities available after updating the BIOS code.

In order to update your BIOS you will need special flashing utilities.

The architecture of modern motherboards uses electrically programmed flash memory chips for storing BIOS.

These new generation ROM chips, so-called Flash ROMs, can be reprogrammed an infinite number of times by using a flash utility (software).

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