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Motorcycle dating letter

One such additive is made by Dow Corning and sold, $$$$, by bearing sales companies.I do not recommend ANY additives except in very special circumstances.A straight weight oil, such as SAE 80, will thin much more, than a 80W90, as temperature rises. BMW's transmission designer/manufacturer, Getrag, specifically designed the transmission to use either straight 80, straight 90, or 80W90 multigrade, all in only GL5.For such as a 80W145, as just one example of oils with a much higher top number; as your parts & oil rise in temperature, the oil thins less, & the specific lubrication qualities of friction inherent in thicker oils, is modified ... Just in case you were 'guessing' here, the objective here is NOT super high viscosity index.Restating this: One difference is in spin up & spin down time for shifting. I am also concerned that, when colder than approximately 90F (or maybe somewhat more) air temperature; and/or the engine not being used at high output (which produces more heat, which certainly does get to the transmission), lubrication is possibly reduced, protection could be decreased, & there are other not-so-nice things. That oil at any normal operating temperature will ALWAYS be thicker than if the oil was any lighter grade, including 80W90.If you wish to think about this in a different way, imagine the oil is rated at 80W20000, & THINK about what that means.

My present recommendation is that, if you want to, you may use a synthetic gear oil of good quality.

The oil may additionally heat up more due to the added friction.

There is an oil rating called Viscosity Index (VI or v.i.), which is the RATE of thickness change of the oil with temperature change.

Link #1: From the BMW Factory School on the 5 speed gearbox and both early and late clutches.

Shifting smoothly--preloading the shift lever and why. I am putting some links at the beginning of this article to help with understanding.

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For a synthetic oil, I am presently recommending only Spectro brand gear oil, in 75W90 in the version version called "Platinum", for the transmission & the rear drive of Airheads & Classic K bikes.