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Dating russian il

VASO is currently still building An-148 regional airliners, against orders from the Ilyushin Finance Corp. Earlier, Slyusar said that VASO will continue producing the Ilyushin Il-96 widebody airliner at rate of two to three per year until 2023.These will go mainly to the Russian defense ministry, as air tankers, flying command posts and special mission aircraft, including the air transport detachment serving President Putin and his ministers.Areas covered include general ratings, speed assessments, and relative ranges based on distances between major cities.The Ilyushin Il-112V tactical airlifter for the Russian air force will make its maiden flight in the summer of 2017, according to Yuri Slyusar, president of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).The engine nacelles are underslung at each wing mainplane with the mainplanes themselves being shoulder-mounted to promote excellent inherent lift qualities.

26; nevertheless, it is at least interesting that the activity of this highly modified aircraft filled with equipment required to undertake clandestine missions can be tracked online (by means of the usual Mode-S/ADS-B transponder) using Flightradar24The raised tail section also permits unfettered access to the cargo hold within the body of the airplane.The undercarriage is wholly wheeled and retractable while being designed for rough-field operation.May 2017 - A first-flight for a prototype Il-112 is now scheduled for late-2017.July 2017 - The Il-112 prototype remains in final assembly at VASO in Voronezh. Our Data Modules allow for quick visual reference when comparing a single entry against contemporary designs.

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Internally, there will be an all-glass cockpit (complete with no fewer than six full-color LCD monitors detailing pertinent mission and performance information for the crew) and fully digital avionics suite.

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