Dating a divorced woman with 2 kids

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Dating a divorced woman with 2 kids

But he said his main concern is his kids as they have suffered enough with the separation.

He is not in good relationship with his ex they don't see eye to eye.

Now i see that he is worried how our life will be with his kids, he loves his kids and put them first i have no problem with that.

I think he wants to take a step a little back i asked him about it but he said if it were for him we would marry asp!!

I ask God everyday to be accepting, understanding, and patient because he has children and an ex wife. I respect what he is going through and what he wants.

Hi, just reading your story felt like someone is telling story about my situation.I have offered help and support and I think that is the best thing I can do right now. He said we are friends "for now" because he doesnt know what he is capable of giving at this point. Run as fast as you can Here's were the problem usually comes in in these situations.Are you prepared to share your man with his children and their mother?I like him, respect him, and I hope to meet his children one day. Im trying to just focus on me and I cant guarantee Ill be ready or around once he is. It sounds like you may have scared him off by trying to move too fast. But, now, you are upset because he didn't want to move on to instant "US" status. Do you still want to see him or are you all ready looking for your next true love? You will never come first in his life, his children will.i've never dated a man with children and I just want to do the right thing! In your original post you even said you moved too fast. Despite how long he and his wife were separated, despite how long it's been since the divorce was finalised(and in this case it really wasn't that long)he's dealing with the end of a marriage and that's a pretty serious big deal. You say you're going to back off to the point where you won't even be around anymore. Now, instead of giving in to your paranoia(and does this have some basis? Because we could be looking at the genesis of your problems.} you should calm down and see where this goes. If you are willing to give it another shot, and at this point it all hinges on you, remember to go as slow as you can go. He can never give you 100% of anything time, money.

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I m younger and independent women never been in a relationship before.

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