Anette qviberg dating

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Anette qviberg dating

He is also a martial artist and has spent time working as a director on his own productions.

In 1987, Lundgren played the lead role in Masters of the Universe, although the film was panned by audiences and critics alike.In 2010, Lundgren reunited with Stallone in The Expendables, a film based on the high-octane action movies Lundgren has inhabited for the majority of his career.Lundgren returned in 20 to reprise his role as Gunner Jensen in the series.Before working out, he analyzes how he is feeling physically, what kind of schedule he has for that day, and whether he has any niggling injuries.When he is living in Los Angeles, Dolph usually works out at the Equinox gym.

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Scorpio Spånga, Stockholm County, Sweden Los Angeles, California, United States After graduating from high school with straight As, Dolph Lundgren went to the Washington State University where he studied chemical engineering for a year.

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